Video games are revolutionizing computation chemistry

Nov 9, 2010
A new report finds that the high powered graphics processing units GPUs now in video games - the hardware that gives gamers 3-D images and other...
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ZeuS is trickier still, eviller still

Nov 5, 2010
The evil genius malware is trying a new technique to thwart the researchers who are going after it. Bad guys are setting up fake interfaces in the...
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Holographic telepresence

Nov 4, 2010
The idea of projecting and seeing a 3D holographic image - without horrible 3D goggles - just got a whole lot closer to reality thanks to...
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Invisibility cloak update

Nov 4, 2010
Oh, invisibility cloak. You're the Chinese Democracy of tech stories. Scientists at work on an invisibility cloak project in Britain have...
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Republican victories could hurt Obama's clean energy plan

Nov 3, 2010
Reuters reports that any chance of a broad comprehensive bill on addressing climate change was essentially killed last night as the Republicans...
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Chatbot takes on critics of climate change

Nov 3, 2010
Nigel Leck was sick of all the people on Twitter arguing that global warming isn't real. So, he made a program that would scan Twitter every five...
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Effects of NASA's shuttle program ending

Nov 2, 2010
After 30 years, NASA's Shuttle program will end. Bloomberg Businessweek's Paul Barrett wrote a story about the ending of the program and talks with Jeremy Hobson about the impact this will have on Florida and America's competitiveness.
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We might live in a 2-D world - we just think it's 3D

Oct 29, 2010
That's one theory researcher Craig Hogan wants to test by using two of the world's most precise clocks being built now. Craig is a particle...
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Watch the next Mars rover being built

Oct 27, 2010
It's on UStream....
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Facebook outs gays to advertisers

Oct 22, 2010
It's another day and another privacy problem at Facebook. This time the social network appears to be outing gay and lesbian users to advertisers.
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