Well, maybe you'd like to control a helicopter with mind. I don't know you. Maybe you're into that kind of thing. Who am I to judge?

Jan 14, 2011
A University of Minnesota researcher has created a brain-computer interface that allows a person to move a 3-D helicopter on a screen using just...
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There's more to protecting your privacy online than turning off your Spokeo profile

Jan 14, 2011
A company called Spokeo has been freaking out a lot of people lately: the site is sharing information thought to be private. Spokeo creates profiles that contain where you live, how much money Spokeo thinks you make, if you're married, hobbies, what names you use online. But Spokeo is just the tip of the iceberg.
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The Justice Department wants information from Twitter

Jan 11, 2011
The Justice Department has been investigating Wikileaks for a while now, trying to figure out if it can go after the international organization with formal charges. Now it's asking Twitter to give detailed information about the official Wikileaks account and the accounts of people associated with Wikileaks.
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What you need to know coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show

Jan 7, 2011
The annual Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing in Las Vegas. Electronics companies are showing off the stuff they think you'll want to buy in the coming year. This year there's a big push for tablet computers and some companies still insisting 3D is going to be huge. We'll tell you what you need to know.
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Watching Sudanese elections from your computer

Jan 6, 2011
The southern part of Sudan is holding a referendum on whether to separate from the North. There are concerns that the election could lead to violence and terrorism. Part of the international effort to monitor the election involves leveraging satellite technology and mapping software to let people all over the world -- including you -- watch what's going on.
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Can the police search your cell phone without a warrant?

Jan 5, 2011
Can the police look at what's on your cell phone without a warrant? The California Supreme Court, in a 5-2 decision this week, said yes. Your phone, texts, emails, whatever is found on that phone, is fair game. It's a move that could have a big impact on issues of privacy and search & seizure. We look at the case and its implications.
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Now you can draw state redistricting maps too

Jan 4, 2011
Congress begins a new session tomorrow. But some members of the House are wondering just how long they'll be keeping those seats. The process known as reapportionment is being taken up by legislatures in 18 states that will be gaining or losing congressional seats based on numbers in the 2010 census. We look at the technology that goes into guiding that process.
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The coming conundrum of home DNA testing

Jan 3, 2011
Technology is always presenting us with situations where there is more known about us than we would perhaps like to be known. Don't believe me, go Google yourself and see what's out there. So as the field of direct to consumer genetic testing begins to really gain traction, we wonder what's it going to mean to our health and our society.
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Susan Orlean's favorite apps of 2010

Dec 30, 2010
It wasn't that long ago that when you said "apps," people thought you were talking about, like, shrimp puffs or jalapeno poppers: appetizers. But now applications for mobile phones are just part of life for a lot of people who use them. Susan Orlean of The New Yorker magazine joins us to talk about the apps she loved most in 2010.
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The travel industry war and you

Dec 28, 2010
Remember back before the internet when you'd have to call each airline on the phone to see what fares they were offering for that trip you were taking? You'd write everything down on paper. Recent battles between major airlines and travel websites might make you wonder if those days could soon be returning.
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