Mailbag for March 20, 2004

Mar 20, 2004
Each week, we choose the most burning of your money questions for our very own Chris Farrell to answer. This week, Chris explains when it's OK to give your children money, who is Warren Buffet, and how you can learn about the stock market without risking a dime.
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"Straight Story": Say it isn't so...Social Security

Mar 6, 2004
This and every week, we have our Economics Editor Chris Farrell here to help you sort out what's smart, what's stupid and what's the "Straight Story." This week, Social Security. Is Social Security on its last financial breath? Chris has a different take.
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401(k) versus Roth IRA

Jan 31, 2004
Is a 401(k) better than a Roth IRA? Stephanie Curtis talks with Sound Money's in-house investment expert Erica Whittlinger about the best place to put your money.
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Erica takes listener questions for January 24, 2004

Jan 24, 2004
Sound Money's in-house investment expert Erica Whittlinger answers listener questions on starting an investment portfolio, variable annuities, and 401(k)s.
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