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Revisiting the Social Security restart

Jun 27, 2008
Last week, Marketplace's Bob Moon examined a way to borrow from Social Security without breaking the bank. Bob's back this week with host Tess Vigeland to answer some of your questions on the option.
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Restarting the Social Security clock

Jun 20, 2008
Did you know that if you borrow from your Social Security early and pay it back later, the government will call things even? Bob Moon reports on an option that almost sounds too good to be true.
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New Chapters in seniors' lives: 7 and 11

Jun 17, 2008
The number of seniors filing for bankruptcy has risen dramatically in the last 20 years, according to an AARP study. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Immediate Annuity

May 17, 2008
Question: I am turning 70 in June and retiring as of July 1. I will be taking monthly disbursements from my IRA. I still have a balanced portfolio...
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Switching to a Roth IRA

May 16, 2008
A down market can be the best time to rearrange your money. Scott talks to Christine Fahlund about taking advantage of the moment to convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth.
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Finding a financial planner

May 16, 2008
We'd all like some guidance on our finances, but how can you make sure your adviser has your best interests in mind? Jeremy Hobson explains how to pick the right financial planner.
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Buchholz: When boomers retire

May 13, 2008
Many baby boomers are expected to keep working past retirement age, but those who do retire will be looking for a steady income. Commentator Todd Buchholz advises heading off one of their choices.
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Funds feast on high food prices

May 9, 2008
How could an attempt to diversify turn volatile and raises food prices worldwide? Jill Barshay explains the unintended consequences of large-scale commodity investment.
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Early Retirement and Health Insurance

May 8, 2008
Question: My husband and I are planning on retiring at age 50 (we have approx 13 years left)...meaning we hope to quit our 8-5 corporate jobs and...
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Working past retirement

May 2, 2008
Whether they saved too little or want to stay active, more Americans are working into what are usually considered the retirement years. Stacey Vanek-Smith explains the challenges of staying in the workforce.
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