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Medicaid changes in Florida

Oct 20, 2005
Washington has approved sweeping changes to Florida's Medicaid plans. State and federal officials are hoping to make the program "more sustainable." Critics say that means less care. Hillary Wicai reports.
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More Tamiflu on the way

Oct 18, 2005
Governments are trying to stockpile Tamiflu, the anti-viral made by the Swiss company Roche. But it's in short supply. Today Roche is trying to do something about that. Helen Palmer reports.
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A generic Tamiflu

Oct 17, 2005
A maker of generic drugs based in Mumbai plans to manufacture the Roche anti-viral Tamiflu — even though it's under patent protection for another 11 years. Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH.
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Bird flu: Migrating our way?

Oct 14, 2005
Bird flu is in Asia and parts of Europe. Can North America be far behind? From the Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer checks in with America's poultry producers.
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Bird flu lands on the edge of Europe

Oct 13, 2005
Health officials confirmed today the flu virus found in Turkish birds is the one that has killed more than 60 people in Asia. The EU may set aside $1.2 billion to fight a possible pandemic. Stephen Beard reports.
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To err is human

Oct 12, 2005
A new report shows errors by overworked doctors in training cost $13 billion a year in extra medical care and lost wages. Helen Palmer reports.
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Assisted suicide: from Oregon to the Supreme Court

Oct 5, 2005
Oregon's assisted suicide law is coming before the Supreme Court this session. Helen Palmer looks at who in Oregon has been asking for the procedure and who has been providing it.
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Lining up by the thousands

Jul 28, 2005
In rural Appalachia, it pays to arrive early for your annual doctor's appointment. Reporter Julia DeBruicker joined the crowd this year.
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Diagnosis: Data

An on-the-ground look at the impact of the Affordable Care Act as it unfolds in one American City.

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