Is wine actually good for your health?

Jan 13, 2012
The unmasking of fraud by a leading researcher on the health benefits of wine has called into question the entire body of knowledge about the fermented grape.
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Big prize if you invent a Star Trek tricorder

Jan 13, 2012
Live longer and prosper more
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Medical website WebMD falls ill financially

Jan 10, 2012
WebMD’s chief executive resigns as the once-profitable medical reference website sees advertising revenue decline.
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Health care spending rising more slowly

Jan 9, 2012
The rapid rate of growth is slowing, but many people aren't feeling the change.
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Calling mom can reduce stress levels

Jan 6, 2012
Your mom was right (as usual): It's good for your health to give her a phone call.
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Job insecurity = health insurance insecurity

Jan 5, 2012
The pressure for healthcare reform won't go away -- far from it.
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Herbalife critics call company a pyramid scheme

Jan 2, 2012
The nutrition-supplement giant says the allegations are bogus and is back fighting to save its reputation and its future.
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Plastic surgery peaks during the holidays

Dec 29, 2011
It's the most wonderful time of the year... At least for cosmetic surgeons.
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States snuff out smoking prevention programs

Dec 28, 2011
Faced with big budget gaps, state governments are taking money away from programs that help people quit smoking. Analysts say this will cost more in the long run.
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The war on cancer -- a healthy metaphor?

Dec 23, 2011
President Richard Nixon used the phrase "war on cancer" in signing the National Cancer Act of 1971. Forty years later, scientists say our understanding of cancer has outgrown a military analogy.
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