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Looking deeper at SCOTUS health care decision

Jun 28, 2012
In a 5-4 decision -- the way the U.S. Supreme Court likes to roll out all big-time decisions lately -- the Court has upheld president Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The key vote in favor came from Chief Justice John Roberts. The U.S. economy that's been preparing to implement this huge law can carry on -- basically.
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Health economist: Health law still a work in progress

Jun 28, 2012
Professor Uwe Reinhardt on what needs to happen next and how the health insurance mandate is working out in the state of Massachusetts.
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Rep. Phillip Gingrey: 'Shocked' by health care ruling

Jun 28, 2012
Georgia congressman Phil Gingrey discusses Republican strategy in response to the Supreme Court's upholding of the Affordable Care Act.
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Will health care reform be good for the U.S. economy?

Jun 28, 2012
Now that the dust has settled on the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, it's time to take a closer look at the trickle-down effects of the law.
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The health care law's legacy

Jun 25, 2012
Even if the Affordable Care Act is thrown out by the Supreme Court, some changes spurred by the law are here to stay.
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Supreme Court announces immigration law ruling

Jun 25, 2012
The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down large portions of Arizona's new immigration law. Arizona had argued the Congressional stalemate over immigration left it no choice but to take action. But the Court has invalidated a number of key provisions.
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A response from the Relative Value Update Committee

Jun 19, 2012
We did a story last week about health care costs and a part of the American Medical Association called the Relative Value Update Committee -- RUC. The head of the committee responds to the story.
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Do Americans support the Affordable Care Act?

Jun 14, 2012
Any day now, the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act will come down. Two years since the act was passed, what do American's think of the reforms?
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SCOTUS decision on health care law may spark more options

Jun 13, 2012
Commentator Robert Reich says health insurance lobby could unwittingly revive the "public option."
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The world of health-care pricing

Jun 11, 2012
A committee of the American Medical Association plays an important role in Medicare's setting of prices for medical procedures.
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