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Will there be blood?

Feb 25, 2009
I just read a very compelling interview with respected Harvard historian Niall Ferguson. Here's the interview by the Toronto Globe and Mail, and...
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Antidote spending

Feb 25, 2009
The House started debate this morning on a $410 billion spending bill. A vote could come later today. Yes, this is $410 billion on top of the ...
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Still no confidence

Feb 25, 2009
Wall Street sure doesn't think much of President Obama's speech last night. Not that I want to care what Wall Street thinks, but let's face it,...
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Your take on taxes

Feb 23, 2009
Let's have it out on the President's budget plan. He wants to cut the deficit in half by the end of his term. Some of it is a deficit he...
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Liquor and gambling, that's the answer

Feb 19, 2009
Cities and states are desperate for revenue, and I think they're starting to crack. Georgia's having a debate about whether to begin selling booze...
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