Google Earth Engine maps 25 years of data

Feb 25, 2011
In an effort to cut global greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations is offering carbon credits in exchange for saving trees. To help end deforestation, Google has compiled 25 years of maps, data, and scientific measurements in its new project, Google Earth Engine. Eve Troeh reports.
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Ecuador judge fines Chevron $9 billion

Feb 15, 2011
An Ecuadorean judge has fined oil corporation Chevron more than $9 billion in a case that's spanned over a decade. The judge ruled that the company is responsible for the pollution of forest and rivers in northern Ecuador. Eve Troeh has more.
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House Republicans want to strip EPA's greenhouse gas powers

Feb 10, 2011
Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are asking EPA head Lisa Jackson to testify today.
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Staples creates sustainable products

Feb 9, 2011
Staples is offering sustainable paper products and compostable kitchen items to corporate customers. Helping corporations be sustainable is also a way to sustain Staples.
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Climate messages may be all wrong

Feb 7, 2011
Environmental activists are adjusting their words and strategy as "climate change" and "global warming" messages fail to win the public's attention.
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Ford Motor working on recyclable car interiors

Feb 1, 2011
U.S. sales rose more than 9 percent in January as consumers bought more trucks and SUVs. They may not know it, but some of those Ford interiors are made of stuff other than oil.
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When Trash is Anything But Waste

Jan 27, 2011
In the 1970s, California faced growing concerns about the supply and cost of energy, in addition to worries about running out of landfill space....
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WindMade products do more than suck air

Jan 27, 2011
The new WindMade eco-label, unveiled by business leaders at the Davos World Economic Forum, introduces a new standard for renewable products.
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From trash to energy

Jan 27, 2011
Throwing trash into a pit is as good as throwing money into a pit. One landfill manager in Los Angeles tells us how to convert that trash into cash.
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Is telecommuting really green?

Jan 26, 2011
Working from home may not be as good for the environment as you think it is.
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