Discovery discovers green programming doesn't sell

Apr 5, 2012
Discovery Communications will replace Planet Green cable channel with programs about travel and food.
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Green power vs. green power

Mar 6, 2012
Canadian hydroelectric projects could threaten domestic green energy start-ups.
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'The Lorax' preaches to a new generation

Mar 1, 2012
A film adaptation of the 1971 children's book is soon to hit movie screens. But to many, its 40-year-old environmental messaging that needs a reboot.
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Businesses defend donations to anti-climate group

Feb 16, 2012
A document leak from the anti-climate crusading Heartland Institute shows many mainstream corporate donors.
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Report: Four minute showers ideal for environment, wallet

Nov 23, 2011
A new report out by the company Unilever says that while showers use less water than baths, the costs of heating affect both your monthly bills, and the wider environment.
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Bad economy has been tough on environmental groups

Nov 21, 2011
At the same time some decry environmental regulation as a drag on the economy, the slow recovery has sapped environmental organizations of donations, leading to layoffs and changes in leadership.
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Beacon Power files bankruptcy

Oct 31, 2011
Another company funded by the Department of Energy is going bankrupt, but experts still stay that the Solyndra controversy hasn't tainted the solar industry overall.
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Winter comes early to the Northeast

Oct 31, 2011
An early snow storm in the northeastern part of the U.S. has left many without power... or Halloween.
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Think Globally, Act ...?

Oct 10, 2011
Americans know more about the environment than ever before, but know less about how to fix it.
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British insurance market posts huge losses in disaster-filled year

Sep 21, 2011
It has been a big year for natural disasters, from the tsunami in Japan to floods in Australia. And that means a year of big losses for insurance companies.
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