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The history of the debt ceiling

Dec 26, 2012
History reveals a controversial task for the debt limit that goes all the way back to World War I.
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A week of economic woes and Facebook fizzle

May 25, 2012
In the last week, we've heard of a possible Greek exit from the euro, a U.S. debt ceiling showdown, HP layoffs, and a Facebook stock lawsuit. How does this news affect our psyche and what stories should we focus on amid all the turmoil?
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Debt ceiling déjà vu

May 23, 2012
Last summer, the battle over raising the debt ceiling consumed D.C. And guess what -- new battle lines are being drawn again.
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Raising the debt ceiling could be easier this time

Jan 17, 2012
The U.S. Treasury is once again set to reach its borrowing limit. But this time around, it might not spark quite the same debates in Washington as last time around.
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What's the average citizen's share of U.S. debt?

Dec 27, 2011
The White House is looking for another increase of the debt limit, which would bring the grand borrowing total to more than $16 trillion.
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Super committee could push decision past next election

Nov 21, 2011
The super committee has until Wednesday to reach a debt deal, but it is looking increasingly likely that real decisions won't get made until after the elections of 2012.
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What Europe thinks of the super committee's inaction

Nov 21, 2011
It was just last week that President Obama criticized the Europeans for not solving their debt issues. But it looks like we aren't faring much better here in the U.S.
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Super committee is latest in a long line of debt solution attempts

Nov 21, 2011
As it looks more and more likely that the super committee will fail to reach a deal, a look back at previous attempts to solve the debt crisis.
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Julia Coronado: We don't know how long we can go without debt solution

Nov 21, 2011
As of now, the markets are still going on despite the likely lack of a deal in the super committee this week. But much of that depends on the situation in Europe, which could turn around.
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Super committee likely to be at an impasse

Nov 21, 2011
The super committee is bumping up its deadline to reach a budget solution, and so far, no end is in sight.
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