Congress passed a bill this week that opened up the future of mining in space.

Asteroid mining not so far in the future

Nov 19, 2015
Congress recently passed a bill setting out guidelines for mining in space.
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Obama threatens veto on new refugee requirements

Nov 18, 2015
The legislation calls for increased scrutiny of Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
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Budget deal brings certainty, for a few years anyway

Oct 30, 2015
Explaining what that means in the public and private sectors.
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The Export-Import Bank gets a congressional reprieve

Oct 28, 2015
But why was this small agency that doesn't cost the government anything a target?
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The issue of a debt limit hike has caused rising tensions in Congress.

The temporary funding patch pattern in Congress

Oct 21, 2015
Congress and the president will continue going around and around.
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James Pollack, legislative correspondent for Congresswoman Jackie Speier, uses a software program to sort through the emails from constituents, and says the office gets back to each contact in about two weeks. 

Software and social media to grab Congress' attention

Oct 14, 2015
Digital comments can quickly 'move the needle' for members of Congress.
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U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaks during a news conference following the weekly House GOP conference meeting at the Republican National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill.

What congressional uncertainty means for the economy

Oct 8, 2015
The race for speaker comes at a time of budget and debt-limit decisions.
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Brenda Major is examined by Dr. Fernanda Mercade during a routine checkup at the Jessie Trice Center for Community Health clinic in Miami, Florida.

How Congress solved one problem but created another

Sep 28, 2015
It's a glimpse into how people make money off of piecemeal solutions.
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Veterans, abortion and DC’s broken business model

Sep 24, 2015
To keep the government running, a bill becomes a legislative vehicle.
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