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Host Kai Ryssdal meets with President Barack Obama for an exclusive interview, discussing energy, job creation, and the economy as Obama begins a two-day trip promoting his energy policy. Meanwhile, there's an oil boom going on in western North Dakota, and the city at the heart of it is getting stretched beyond capacity. Commentator Robert Reich says America has a real problem with morality in business, but he knows a way to fix it. And libraries aren't just for books or movies anymore -- now they're a place to turn for job skills, shelter and social services.

U.S. to impose tariffs on Chinese solar panels

The U.S. will impose new tariffs on cheap Chinese solar panels. The new duties will be low. Analysts say it's not likely to spark a trade war.
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Dark side of an oil boom

There's an oil boom going on in western North Dakota. The region is sitting on billions of gallons of oil. The city at the heart of it -- Williston -- is stretched beyond capacity.
Posted In: Oil, boom, oilfields, comeback, North Dakota

No connection between drilling and pumps

A new Associated Press analysis shows domestic oil production doesn't translate to gas prices.
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The Obama interview: U.S. must invest in itself

On a two-day trip to promote his energy policy, President Obama said the nation must invest in alternative energy or cede leadership to China. He called on Congress to help create jobs by providing more aid to struggling homeowners and investing more in infrastructure.
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Business morality good for public morality

Commentator Robert Reich says ethics in the boardroom can help save the economy.
Posted In: Wall Street, morality, business, ethics

Homeless, jobless flock to libraries

City libraries are trying to revamp to help homeless patrons, even as their budgets are slashed.
Posted In: homeless, jobless, library, social services, San Francisco

On your TV this fall: The sluggish economy

Horizon Media's Brad Adgate looks at all the new scripted pilots that have been ordered by the big television networks. He finds one big underlying theme.
Posted In: Entertainment, tv

NFL suspends New Orleans Saints coaches, manager

The National Football League punished officials of the New Orleans Saints today for a bounty program that paid bonuses to players for injuring opponents.
Posted In: NFL, Sports

Obama touts new energy agenda

The president begins a two-day tour to highlight his new "all of the above" strategy.
Posted In: energy, Barack Obama

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