Marketplace for Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Disney says they are putting an end to all junk food ads on their TV and radio stations. The White House has announced a deal with college and university presidents to try and simplify financial aid language. We take a look at how much of your tax money goes into political conventions and what that money is used for. Kai Ryssdal talks to economist John Taylor from the Hoover Institution at Stanford about fixing the global economy. And the staff of the web magazine Brokelyn, offers their ideas of what N.Y.C. mayor Michael Bloomberg may want to ban next.

Plan would strip conventions of taxpayer money

A Senate bill may end $36 million in funding for Republican and Democratic national conventions -- money that pays for everything from patriotic flags to the teleprompter.
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Making college costs easier to understand

With interest rates on some student loans about to double, the Obama administration joins with colleges to provide clearer guidance on the real price of school.
Posted In: college, financial aid, student loans

Disney kicks junk food out of the magic kingdom

The entertainment giant will reject advertising for certain sugary, salty and fatty foods, and give Mickey Mouse the final say on what's healthy.
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Paycheck Fairness Act voted down

It may have been more electioneering that legislating, but a Democratic bill to close the pay gap between men and women fell short in the Senate along clear partisan lines.
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Indian slum becomes hot property

In Mumbai, the square-mile area known as Dharavi has a million residents and myriad small businesses, but authorities plan to redevelop the slum.
Posted In: India, Dharavi, Slum Village

What Mayor Bloomberg should ban next

Writers at the web magazine Brokelyn say banning Big Gulps isn't enough.
Posted In: New York City, Michael Bloomberg

What's Up, Europe? Shock and numbness in Greece

The spotlight of the eurozone crisis moves to Spain, but no one has forgotten Greece. While the official unemployment rate there is above 21 percent, many more are working without pay.
Posted In: Greece, Europe debt crisis, Whats up Europe

Nasdaq to compensate Facebook investors

It says there was a 30-minute glitch at the Facebook open a few weeks ago. Losses are estimated to be near $100 million.
Posted In: NASDAQ, Facebook, IPO

Fixing the weak U.S. economy requires more long-term policy

Stanford economist John Taylor, formerly with the Bush administration, discusses what needs to be done to solve the United States' economic problems.
Posted In: global economy, John Taylor, recovery

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