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This year, President Obama, Mitt Romney and the super PACs supporting them are expected to air millions of dollars worth of ads during the Olympic Games. In the U.S., there's a new report out today that says home prices have actually risen, but banks aren't ready to start increasing their loans to homebuyers. Manufacturing company Caterpillar recently reported some pretty good earnings -- so why are they pushing for employee concessions? Sesame Street is moving into the franchising business, opening preschools and after-school clubs in India. And Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, died yesterday. We look at the progress women have made since her historic flight.

Should workers share company profits?

At some prospering businesses like Caterpillar, which reports earnings tomorrow, record corporate profits do not necessarily raise workers pay.
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Sesame Street steps into Indian education business

Sesame Street has long licensed toys. Now it has entered the for-profit preschool market in India by franchising its curriculum.
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Home prices firm up but lenders stay skittish

Housing prices continue to firm up, but banks still aren’t confident in the housing or job markets to loan to anyone but the safest borrowers.
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Who gets Medicaid and who doesn't?

It's supposed to be a health care program for the poor. But over the years, the definition of poor has changed.
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What's up, Europe? Small talk turns to finance in Italy

A number of Southern Italian cities, including the entire province of Sicily, are on the verge of bankruptcy.
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Measuring women's progress in science since Sally Ride's flight

The passing of astronaut Sally Ride is occasion to mark the gains women have made in math and science since her historic space flight, and reflect on the challenges that remain.
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A decision to leave Penn State's football team

As of last weekend, 18-year-old cornerback Ross Douglas was headed to Penn State to play football as a Nittany Lion; he's now de-committed in the wake of the NCAA sanctions on the school. He and his mother talk about the difficult decision.
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'Modern Family' actors suing over contracts

Five actors from the popular, Emmy award-winning television show say their contracts are illegal under California law.
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