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The European Central Bank unveiled its bond-buying program today. Lawmakers hope it will strengthen the euro. How does it work? Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch explains with a candy store analogy. President Obama's big speech got us wondering, what is the value of good public speaking? And you hear this a lot: Are you better off than you were four years ago? We asked our listeners that question, and many of you weighed in. Plus, Frank Newport from Gallup tells us what the polling data says. Also, stories on Google's super-fast Internet service in Kansas City, why milk sales are so low, H&M's latest environmental move, and how subsidies pay for your lifestyle.

Bernanke's low mortgage rate

Thanks to financial disclosure rules, we know what Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke pays on his mortgage.
Posted In: Ben Bernanke, mortgage

VIDEO: The ECB's bond-buying program explained with bonbons

The European Central Bank is set to go on a bond-buying spree in an effort to save the euro and stem the debt crisis. But how does it work? It helps to think about candy.
Posted In: ECB, European Central Bank, bonds, whiteboard

Are you better off? What the polls say.

In 1980, President Ronald Reagan famously asked Americans if they thought they were better off than they were four years ago. Gallup asked that same question this year and editor-in-chief Frank Newport discusses the results.
Posted In: 2012 election

Draghi levels his big bazooka at eurozone debt

Making good on earlier promises, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi has unveiled a huge bond-buying program aimed at tackling the European debt crisis.
Posted In: Europe, ECB, bonds, Europe debt crisis

What's the value of good public speaking?

Speech coaches say effective presentation is key to getting ahead in business.
Posted In: public speaking, speech

Middle class moochers?

How tax exemptions and subsidies help pay for the American lifestyle.
Posted In: big government, government, subsidies

H&M moves away from some water-proofing chemicals

Chemicals that protect clothing from water or stains do so because they're tough -- so they stick around in the environment a long time. Apparel makers are looking for alternatives.
Posted In: Retail, h&m, PFCs

Milk consumption at lowest in decades

Americans are drinking less milk as sports drinks, water and other beverages pour it on.
Posted In: milk

In Kansas City, competition for faster Internet service

Google picked Kansas City to be the test market for its super fast Internet service. Now neighborhoods are competing with one another to see who will get the service first.
Posted In: Google, internet access, cable, kansas city

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