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We kick off our new series, Street of Eternal Happiness, in which China correspondent Rob Schmitz profiles people who work on that famous street in Shanghai. Here in the U.S., the Supreme Court is on the verge of announcing its decision on the legality of the health care reform law. Gallup's Frank Newport reveals how American opinion is changing on immigration policy. And a new report shows that more than half of American employers are having trouble finding skilled workers to hire, a "skills gap" that's gotten much wider since 2007.

The Street of Eternal Happiness: The Tailor

Meet Master Chu Hongsheng on the first stop of our year-long series profiling the people who make their living on Changle Road, or the Street of Eternal Happiness, which bisects Shanghai.
Posted In: Shanghai, qipoa, clothes, dress, China

Skilled factory workers hard to find

A report says more than half of American companies are having trouble finding enough skilled workers to hire. Why don’t employers train workers instead?
Posted In: employment, manufacturing, CNC machines, skills gap

Anxious lobbyists await health care reform decision

One group who's paying close attention to the Supreme Court's announcement on the Affordable Care Act? Health industry lobbyists. Politico's Anna Palmer discusses how those industries are getting ready to react.
Posted In: health care reform law

Americans' attitudes on immigration are shifting

Gallup's Frank Newport has the data pertaining to the Obama administration's announcement last week on immigration policy.
Posted In: Immigration, illegal immigration

Merck under fire for marketing meds to kids

Merck's use of cartoon animals from “Madagascar 3” prompts complaint that grape-flavored Claritin allergy medicine could be confused for candy.
Posted In: marketing, claritin, merck, madagascar

Remembering economist Anna Schwartz

The economist died today at age 96. We look back at our interview with her three years ago, and her opinions on Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan.
Posted In: Anna Schwartz

What's up, Europe? Germany vs. Greece in soccer match

Germany will battle Greece in the quarterfinals of the European Football Championship. What kind of tensions might play out during the game?
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Whats up Europe, soccer, Germany, Greece

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