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The future isn't looking too bright for the diesel fuel industry -- experts from the World Health Organization say that fumes from the fuel can cause lung cancer. Meanwhile, Nokia says it's going to layoff 10,000 people. Gallup reveals its latest data on what Americans feel about the Affordable Health Care Act. We hear about the enticing scent of money. Reporter Stephen Beard stops into a pub in Berlin, Germany, to check in on the country's economy. And a new app looks to help manage and fix potholes in the streets of Boston.

A man walks into a bar... in Germany

Germany has been the paymaster during the euro crisis, shoring up its weaker neighbors. Do ordinary Germans support this role?
Posted In: Germany, Europe debt crisis, A man walks into a bar

We can all help Greece avoid default

Commentator Todd Buchholz says we just need to go there on vacation.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Greek debt, tourism, Greece

Nokia to lay off nearly 10,000 workers

Once-dominant Nokia is struggling to shift from cell phones to smartphones. The layoffs come on top of 30,000 job cuts Nokia has announced since 2010.
Posted In: nokia

What do Americans think about health care reform?

The Supreme Court is about to hand down its decision on the health care reform bill. Gallup's Frank Newport reveals what Americans think.
Posted In: health care reform law

World Health Organization: Diesel fumes cause cancer

The WHO elevated diesel's status to "known carcinogen" and warned that the fumes are a greater risk for lung cancer than secondhand cigarette smoke.
Posted In: diesel

Smartphone app fixes Boston potholes

Boston has a new app that lets drivers locate bad bumps, and sends pothole fix-it lists to city workers.
Posted In: Transportation, driving

L.A. Kings fans celebrate -- and pay up

The L.A. Kings are celebrating their Stanley Cup victory with a parade in Los Angeles today, and fans are ponying up for team merchandise. But will the Kings actually benefit from the sales?
Posted In: L.A. Kings, Sports

Sniffing out what money smells like

Does money have a unique smell? We explore the scent of fresh (and not so fresh) dollar bills and how some dogs can recognize the smell of greenbacks.
Posted In: smells, dollar, Money

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