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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg will take a huge pay cut this year. His new salary: $1. Will Facebook's culture change with the company going public? Law schools are getting sued for allegedly attracting students through deception. Walmart is succeeding in going green. With the unemployment rate in double digits, there just aren't many opportunities for Nevada's new college graduates. And London bureau chief Stephen Beard reports on what the Queen of England does for work.

Nevada grads worry about their futures

College seniors in Nevada have endured budget cuts and tuition hikes. They now face a less-than-promising job market.
Posted In: Las Vegas, Nevada, college grads

German leader Merkel seeks support from China

German chancellor Angela Merkel is in China this week, telling Chinese leaders that European Union plans to solve its debt crisis can work.
Posted In: China, Angela Merkel, Europe debt crisis

What role will Nevada's unions play in the election?

Nevada's unionized workforce could play a huge role in deciding who wins the swing state come November. Professor Ruben Garcia discusses Nevada's union landscape.
Posted In: Nevada, Las Vegas, unions

Walmart units jump to top of green power users list

In October, Walmart's facilities in Texas and California were ranked 15th by the Environmental Protection Agency for the amount of clean energy it uses. Now it is number three, thanks to a big going-green initiative.
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Queen Elizabeth at 85 -- still working

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth still handles a strenuous program of foreign trips and public ceremonies. Some ask how much longer she should carry on.
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Woman wins small claims suit against Honda

A Los Angeles woman sued the carmaker for saying that the Civic hybrid she bought could get 50 miles per gallon of gas, when the most she got was 42. She won $10,000 in court.
Posted In: Honda, lawsuit, gas mileage

Law schools sued by alumni who can't find work

A group of recent law graduates sues a dozen law schools, saying the institutions misled them about job and salary prospects.
Posted In: law school, Graduate school, Law

Facebook's Zuckerberg to take a salary cut

Mark Zuckerberg will follow a tradition of CEOs who earned just $1 a year. Sort of. Facebook isn’t struggling, so what’s his point?
Posted In: Mark Zuckerberg, ceo, Facebook

How going public changes Facebook's culture

Larry Dignan, chief editor at ZDNet, talks about the challenges facing the social networking giant as it tries to preserve its corporate culture post-IPO.
Posted In: Facebook, IPO

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