Marketplace for September 1, 2011

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Marketplace for September 1, 2011

Guinness hopes to make a splash in U.S. beer market with new lager

The Irish beer maker is stretching its brand and launching a new dark lager. But that move could be risky.
Posted In: Food

Cities begin planning for a very different future

With rising sea levels and changing environments, some cities are beginning to plan for a different future than they expected.

U.S. workers' productivity drops again

Productivity fell two straight quarters, while labor costs rose. Did companies reach a tipping point where they're now forced to hire new employees?
Posted In: Jobs

Chinese environmentalists target Apple

The company is under fire for Asian suppliers who pollute.

Goldman Sachs punished for faulty foreclosures

Goldman Sachs agreed to reduce mortgage principal for some New York state homeowners in a settlement that could set a national precedent.
Posted In: Housing

The challenge of rebuilding Libya

Call it a tale of two cities -- Tripoli and Benghazi. Those two cities will have a lot to say about the stability of Libya.
Posted In: Libya

Amazon's jobs power play

The Internet retailer promises California 7,000 new jobs in exchange for one little ole tax loophole -- maybe not so little.
Posted In: Jobs

The major role of politics in causing famine

East African countries continue to suffer from serious famine, and the problems are more complex than just a lack of food. Thomas Keneally explains more in his new book.
Posted In: Books

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