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It's been a few days since JPMorgan's $2 billion loss was announced, but New York bureau chief Heidi Moore tells us why it's a warning we shouldn't soon forget. We take a look at the housing market in three different cities across the U.S. Will President Obama's support of same-sex marriage lead to a windfall of campaign contributions from the gay community? There's more turmoil in Europe at the hands of Greece. And John Hoffman, executive producer of the HBO documentary "The Weight of the Nation," discusses America's obesity epidemic.

New homes springing up in Phoenix

Like a lot of Western cities, Phoenix's housing market crumbled during the recession. But new home sales are up 35 percent from a year ago.
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Even in Alabama, it's hard to get a home loan

Alabama wasn't hit hard by the housing collapse, and prices are now rising. But it's still difficult to get a home loan there.
Posted In: Housing, Alabama

Making a big deal out of the obesity crisis

John Hoffman, producer behind the new HBO documentary "The Weight of the Nation," dicscusses why we need to pay attention to America's obesity epidemic now.
Posted In: obesity, HBO

Bidding wars return to one Boston neighborhood

Packed open houses, multiple offers, and higher prices. In (usually high-end) neighborhoods like Jamica Plain, the bidding wars still rage.
Posted In: Housing, boston

Greece hurls Europe back into crisis mode

Greece struggles to form a government after many voters rejected pro-austerity parties. Reneging on its promises could mean an exit from the euro.
Posted In: Greece, greek bailout, Greek debt

A fundraising boost from same-sex marriage

President Obama's shift on same-sex marriage might have opened the door to more fundraising.
Posted In: gay marriage, Barack Obama, fundraising

JPMorgan's loss: More than a blip in the news cycle

New York bureau chief Heidi Moore discusses why JPMorgan's loss is a warning that suggests risky practices are taking place at other Wall Street banks.
Posted In: JPMorgan, Wall Street

Yahoo CEO ousted over false biography

The ouster of Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson shows how activist investors sleuth about executives themselves, not just their corporate leadership.
Posted In: Yahoo, shareholders, Scott Thompson, investors

Guess what Kodak kept in its basement...

The now-bankrupt photography company kept a little something (surprising) in its basement for 35 years.
Posted In: kodak, nuclear, uranium

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