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Apple and Samsung go to court today over a patent dispute, but before the jury makes a decision, wonky tech legalese will have to be translated into layman's terms. Cash-strapped local governments may have found a creative way to create affordable housing: convince homeowners to rent out basements, garages and spare rooms. The U.S. Postal Service's impending default on pension payments has some employees worried about their retirement benefits. Thousands in China this weekend violently protested the building of a new pipeline. A Senate committee released a new report today criticizing the quality of instruction and spending practices at for-profit colleges. And commentator Mark Bittman has a solution for those worried about climate change.

In China, thousands protest against pollution

Weekend protests about waste from a paper mill near Shanghai are the latest sign of rising public anger over environmental pollution.
Posted In: China, air pollution, China's Environment

Speaking the language of Apple v. Samsung

The trial hinges on whether Samsung violated Apple's patents. But technology may be the least of it.
Posted In: apple, samsung

Antsy consumers prompt weak corporate results

As companies miss their sales targets, more are citing weak consumer confidence as the reason for lower expected profits this year.
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Worried about climate change? Eat less meat.

Commentator Mark Bittman says industrial meat production accounts for at least one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions.
Posted In: meat, climate change

Report: A boom industry profits from U.S. student aid

A report issued by U.S. Sen. Thomas Harkin describes the explosive growth of for-profit colleges, from trade schools to online universities, fueled by federal loans to students who, more often than not, drop out.
Posted In: Education, for profit colleges

Atlanta puts new tax for transit to a vote

A proposal to add a penny to Atlanta's sales tax would mean billions raised for transit projects, winning the backing of business leaders but attracting a strange mix of opponents.
Posted In: Atlanta, Taxes

City planners warm to 'accessory apartments'

But many frown on using extra space in single-family homes for housing.
Posted In: affordable housing, Housing, accessory apartments

USPS teeters on the brink of default

Unless Congress does something by Wednesday, the postal service is going miss a $5.5 billion payment it owes the Treasury Department. In the long run, this could affect you, the taxpayer.
Posted In: usps, U.S. Postal Service

Apollo U.S. flags still standing on the moon

A new series of pictures of the moon show five of the six American flags put up by the Apollo crews 40 years ago are still standing.
Posted In: space, mars, moon

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