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There’s a gap between the payroll jobs report and the household jobs report. We explore possible explanations for the difference. Next, the Sochi Olympics are finally here, and  NBC is time-delaying its broadcasts of the spectacle -- but are they actually losing audience or profits by its delayed broadcast strategy? The perennial debate. Finally: Apple is buying back its stock. Big time -- $14 billion’s worth over the last two weeks.  

Beer per minimum wage hour

Somewhere between economics and happy hour
Posted In: beer, minimum wage

Weekly Wrap: Taper the taper?

Kai's weekly chat with The Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy and Bloomberg Government's Nela Richardson.

WARNING: Valentine's Day is approaching

Marketplace's (extra special) Datebook for the week of February 10
Posted In: valentine, Westminster Dog Show

A tale of two jobs surveys

Economists say the optimism of the household survey should temper the gloom of low payroll reports.
Posted In: jobs report, payroll

Sochi 2014 #NBCFail? Or is the network an Olympic winner?

Some sports fans have slammed the decision to delay broadcasting the Opening Ceremony, but NBC doesn't seem to be losing revenues by not going live
Posted In: Olympics, 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi, NBC

Why Apple is taking a page from self-help books

Apple has purchased $14 billion of its own shares
Posted In: Apple ipad, apple

PODCAST: January jobs report

This months jobs report showed unemployment inching down, but fewer jobs were created than expected. And we look at how much personal debt is too much?
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Stumped by the debt ceiling? Here's an explainer

Basically, Congress appropriates money for projects and programs, then lawmakers have to give the executive branch permission to pay those bills.
Posted In: debt ceiling, debt limit

5 places Rookie's Tavi Gevinson looks for inspiration (hint: she's skipping Fashion Week)

Rookie magazine founder Tavi Gevinson has "World Domination" on her to-do list. And she's skipping fashion week.
Posted In: Tavi Gevinson, Rookie, women, magazines

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