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Richmond, Calif., is attempting to seize foreclosed homes in the city using government eminent domain laws. There's one specific company pushing the concept of using those laws to refinance foreclosures, but several banks have sued Richmond to stop the plan. The pop star Beyonce has unveiled a new look: A shorter hairdo. Sounds like a personal choice, right? Not when you're a celebrity. At that level, a hair cut can be big money. Plus, the unemployment rate for young Greeks is above 60 percent. That scares many college graduates and young workers in the country.

How much caffeine is in that Starbucks cup?

Ranking coffee brands by caffeine amounts.
Posted In: coffee, caffeine, starbucks

Detroit art sale: Museum ready to fight

The city of Detroit has brought in Christie's to appraise its art collection to help bail the city out of its $18 billion debt.
Posted In: Detroit, art, museum

Unemployed Greek youth: 'We don't feel useful'

Greek unemployment as a whole is at a staggering 27.6 percent.
Posted In: Greece, European debt crisis

Britain's immigration crackdown sparks anger

In Britain, a recent government crackdown on illegal immigration has had trucks touring immigrant neighborhoods with signs inviting undocumented immigrants to go home or face arrest. Some say this is heavy-handed.
Posted In: Immigration, United Kingdom

What Amanda Bynes' parents want for her

The 27-year-old actress has run through $1 million in recent months while acting increasingly erratically. Her parents are seeking a conservatorship to put them in charge of her finances.
Posted In: Amanda Bynes, conservatorship, legal, mental health

Beyonce's pixie cut rattles hairstyle industry

The pop star is sporting a new, shorn look, and there's a financial fallout when a pop or beauty icon changes styles.
Posted In: Beyonce, hairstyle, fashion, trends

Banks sue a California city trying to take over underwater mortgages

Richmond, Calif., is trying to help distressed homeowners by reducing the principal on their mortgages using eminent domain.
Posted In: real estate, housing bubble, eminent domain, Housing, california

States scramble to get the word out on ACA exchanges

There's less than two months before Americans can start signing up for health insurance through state exchanges, but many of the uninsured still don't know much about them.
Posted In: health care, health exchanges, Obamacare, Affordable Care Act

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