Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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A break from Washington D.C. for some global political drama in Italy. Also, President Obama will meet with bank executives from around the world today to discuss the debt ceiling. But how much sway does Wall Street have these days? And we hear from a primary care doctor in Camden, NJ, about what she's expecting will change now that the health exchanges are open for business. 

Some of Microsoft's top investors want Bill Gates to step down as chairman

A new report says three top investors at Microsoft want Bill Gates to go.
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PODCAST: Don't forget to worry about the debt ceiling while you're worrying about the shutdown

The greater concern over the debt ceiling. Who do we really owe all that $16.7 trillion to anyway? And a new site aims to be a LinkedIn for the blue-collar crowd.

Markets fret over the shutdown and debt ceiling

Worries about the shutdown lead to more worries about the debt ceiling.
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Better economic outlook for Italy after Prime Minister wins confidence vote

Current Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta survived a confidence vote by a wide margin on Wednesday.
Posted In: italy, enrico letta, Silvio Berlusconi, Eurozone

Who does the U.S. actually owe $16.7 trillion to?

Although we often think of our debt as owed to foreign countries, in reality, America owes a lot of money to ourselves. Even regular Americans indirectly own a large chunk of our national debt.
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Despite being traditional allies, big business now fed up with Capitol Hill

President Obama meets with top finance executives Wednesday to discuss the debt ceiling.
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Physicians in Camden, NJ brace themselves for more patients after health exchanges open

A primary care doctor talks about the challenges she's facing practicing medicine in Camden, New Jersey and what she expects will change now that the health care exchanges are open.
Posted In: ACA, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, health exchanges

Can Wall Street avoid another fiscal cliff?

Bank executives head to the White House to discuss the government shutdown and efforts to raise the federal debt ceiling. How much influence do the bankers have?
Posted In: government shutdown 2013, debt ceiling

A LinkedIn-style job network for the blue-collar crowd

LinkedIn isn’t really set up for blue-collar workers. WorkHands aims to fill the gap.
Posted In: social networking, jobs gap, linkedin, Jobs

Moving an online Reddit community into offline community action

Reddit's second annual Global Day of Service aims to get its user base involved in community service.
Posted In: reddit, Global Service Day, community service, social media, Internet

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