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Data opens doors in healthcare, but then what?

Jun 13, 2014
A test for the healthcare system is how well providers respond to data.

Data: The secret ingredient in hospital cooperation

Jun 5, 2014
Sharing patient information could save billions a year, but it doesn't happen.

Using data to treat the sickest and most expensive patients

Apr 24, 2014
"Super-utilizers" are one of the most pressing healthcare policy questions. And there is a striking lack of research.

What to do when healthcare isn't enough

Apr 3, 2014
Social services are not always in step with medical care.

Signing up new patients is just the beginning

Mar 18, 2014
Getting signed up for health insurance or Medicaid is just the first step in getting quality medical care.

Healthcare teams 'wrapped around' patients

Feb 11, 2014
Making primary and specialty care for the poorest - and sickest - patients accessible

For public good, not for profit.

How post-ACA health care is like the airline business

Dec 5, 2013
The question for hospital executives in Camden, N.J., and around the country, is how to manage a new wave of patients.

Obamacare limbo land for health care navigators

Nov 6, 2013
As the exchanges continue to struggle with technical problems, advocacy groups are hitting the streets in places like Camden, N.J.

Mining data for a map to the uninsured

Oct 16, 2013
In Camden, New Jersey, one non-profit is using real-time hospital data to help locate people eligible for Obamacare.

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