Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday May 7, 2014

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More and more Americans are withdrawing money from their retirement accounts, despite the high tax penalties. Have retirement accounts become the ATM that people's homes were in the run-up to the housing crisis? Plus, there's a debate now in the broadcast world about whether to change the way networks measure viewership during commercials. Currently, networks count someone as a viewer if they watch within three days of the broadcast. But, now the technology exists to measure seven days out. The question for networks: Is viewership being under-represented right now when they strike deals with advertisers?


Why advertisers care how long a show sits in your DVR. And, the struggles to unionize workers in Bangladesh.
Posted In: alibaba, DVR, Labor Unions

The struggles to unionize workers in Bangladesh

Labor unions in Bangladesh continue to struggle for expanded worker rights.
Posted In: Bangladesh, Rana Plaza, Retail, garment factories, Labor Unions, factory workers, unions

'Converting your pension into a granite countertop'

In 2012, one out of five employees took loans out against their 401k plan.
Posted In: Retirement, 401k

Why advertisers care how long a show sits in your DVR

They don’t pay for your eyeballs if you watch Scandal on Day Four.
Posted In: DVR, TiVo, nielsen
WaterStop cart

Ditching the single-use water bottle

An increasing number of cities are looking to wean us off single-use bottles.
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