Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday June 4, 2014

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The Health Privacy Summit kicks off Wednesday morning in DC. Just this week, the federal government released more health data as the drum beat for access to more information gets louder. But there's a real tension here. Many patients want their personal information kept confidential unless it can be used to help others. We take a look at the new projects run by UC San Diego and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation where personal health data could help the public good. Plus, the EPA plan to curb carbon-dioxide emissions let's states devise their own plans. There's already big differences among states in one area: the cost of electricity for their residents. We examine the difference in rates and the reasons. 

PODCAST: Implementing Chip and PIN; 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

The man behind Fannie and Freddie, Chip and PIN credit cards from Sam's Club, and the blue collar protesters at Tiananmen Square

While more secure, Chip and PIN technology is costly

A look at what is slowing the change to Chip and PIN technology

Assemble your own Stanley Cup gift basket

The numbers behind what some are calling a pretty low stakes wager
Posted In: Stanley Cup, california, New York, Jerry Brown, Andrew Cuomo
Chalk Point Generating Station

Complying with the EPA, state by state

The EPA plan to curb carbon emission will let states device their own plans. We look at how they'll differ.
The Flex by Fitbit serves as an electronic coach.

Sharing our personal health data – for good

How wearable technology might share our health data without creeping us out.

American Express: from exclusive to inclusive

The issuer of the famous Black Card is focusing on low-income financial services.
Posted In: american express, financial services, blackcard

Tiananmen: More than just students and democracy

The 1989 protests in Tiananmen square were about more than just democracy.
Posted In: Tiananmen Square

The man behind Fannie and Freddie

In the world of real estate, few people are more powerful than Mel Watt.
Posted In: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Housing Administration

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