Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Today is the first day of health insurance coverage for people who have signed up for Obamacare. More than two million people are now covered by insurance, and millions more by Medicaid. Also, the North American Free Trade Agreement came into force twenty years ago today. NAFTA created the world's largest free trade zone, and a lot of controversy. Then-President Bill Clinton promised more jobs, while folks like billionaire businessman Ross Perot warned NAFTA would push jobs south.

PODCAST: Plenty to do in the New Year

With the budget fight resolved, Congress should have plenty of time to deal with other issues next week. And Google tries to make CAPTCHA easier to figure out.

With the budget settled, what's Congress going to do next week?

Congress will return to the New Year without needing to fight about the budget. Will they take the opportunity to deal with other issues?
Posted In: Congress, budget

Tracing the perilous history Antarctic expeditions

A look at the economic incentives for venturing into the icy continent.
Posted In: Antarctica

The push to educate the newly insured

Getting health insurance is akin to waking up to a new car in your garage, but not necessarily knowing how to drive. And consumers will be the first ones to tell you, there’s a lot to learn about health insurance.
Posted In: Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, health insurance

The biggest tech legal battles to watch in 2014

Cyrus Farivar from Ars Technica explains which cases will be making headlines in the New Year.
Posted In: lawsuits, Silk Road, Kim Dotcom

The tech behind tracking marijuana plants in Colorado

The first state to allow marijuana sales to anyone over 21 has to track all that pot somehow.
Posted In: marijuana, colorado

Why some families won't be able to buy as big a house next year

The ceiling on FHA loans in high-cost areas will fall by about $100,000.
Posted In: Housing, FHA

Why blind internet users are angry with Google, CAPTCHA

CAPTCHAs are designed to prevent fraud on many websites.
Posted In: Google CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA

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