Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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As the we near the sequester deadline, how are other countries around the world such as China viewing the budget cuts? While President Obama made political waves with his call for an increase to the federal minimum wage during the State of the Union address, Germany is having its own debate about whether to have a minimum wage at all. And Cablevision is suing Viacom because the cable company says it shouldn't have to pay for channels that aren't popular with subscribers.

Meet Tizen, Samsung's new mobile operating system

Samsung's new phone operating system is called Tizen, and there are other rivals coming soon, including one from the browser maker, Firefox.
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PODCAST: Wall Street plays it cool, a six strike rule

As the sequester nears, stock markets seem not to notice. Can Groupon revive the daily deal? And, Internet service providers try out a new 'six strikes' rule to curb online piracy.

Will you take a hit from the sequester?

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has warned members of Congress that the sequester's spending cuts, which kick in on Friday, will harm the already fragile economic recovery.
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AB InBev faces watered down profits...and beer?

Anheuser-Busch InBev is facing a lawsuit over whether or not the company has been watering down its beer.
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Wall Street takes the sequester in stride

Two days away from the sequester, the Dow is pretty much right where it was a month ago. Why is Wall Street seemingly unfazed by Washington's latest fiscal deadline?
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Germany asks: Should we have a minimum wage?

As the federal minimum wage has become a big topic of debate in the U.S., German politicians are in their own heated dispute over whether to have a minimum wage at all.
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Sequestration: How China sees the prospect of U.S. military cuts

China is a rising military power in the Pacific and the U.S. is partly a counterbalance, but U.S. military sequester spending cuts may turn out to be a mixed blessing for China.
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Internet piracy rehab: The latest push to curb illegal downloads

Internet service providers roll out a 'six strikes' policy to educate rather than punish people for illegal downloads.
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Cablevision-Viacom suit could change the way you pay for cable TV

Cablevision is suing content provider Viacom. The cable company says it shouldn't have to pay for channels that aren't popular with subscribers.
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Can Groupon revive the daily deal and itself?

As the company reports fourth quarter earnings, its new business model will be in the spotlight.
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What's the big deal? Working from home stinks

What do you think? Is working from home a dream, or a daymare?
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