Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Social media and the 2012 election

Democratic media strategist Dusty Trice explains how the 2012 election will utilize social media that wasn't fully developed four years ago.

Report: Obama officials asked S&P not to downgrade outlook

According to a report today from the Washington Post, the Obama administration privately urged Standard & Poor's not to lower its outlook on the United States. Richard DeKaser, with the Parthenon Group in Boston, explains.

Obama to host town hall via Facebook

President Barack Obama will travel to Silicon Valley today to hold a "town hall" meeting at the Facebook headquarters. With campaigns for the 2012 election just kicking off, social networking will be a key component in fundraising.

Japan's exports drop for first time in 16 months

The Japanese government says companies shipped less stuff abroad in March because of supply disruptions from last month's massive earthquake and tsunami. The BBC's Roland Buerk explains why American companies could benefit.

First quarter tech earnings soar

Despite predictions that supply shortages from Japan would hurt production, the tech industry has reported strong earnings in the first quarter, and Janet Babin explains.

Study reveals going green is considered "girly"

Marketing for green initiatives has been primarily aimed at female heads of households. The advertising isn't reaching a major part of the population.

Scientists lack oil to study BP spill

In the year since the Gulf oil spill, scientific research has been delayed because BP says it can't spare samples to study.
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In the wake of the BP spill, putting a price on nature

The government is beginning the long process of tallying the natural resources damage caused by the BP oil spill. But what's the value of a dolphin?

Spellings complicate efforts to freeze assets

Officials of some fallen Middle East regimes are on sanctions lists but English spellings of Arabic names vary, making it hard for banks to comply.

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