Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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A judge in Detroit is scheduled to decide if the city is eligible for bankruptcy protection, which it filed for back in July. Plus, native ads are ads that don't look like ads. They blend in with the main content of the site, like a promoted Tweet from Samsung about its new or an article about a miracle weight loss drug on a news site. This week, the Federal Trade Commission is hosting a meeting about native advertising. Finally, the Great Recession dealt a cruel blow to young people who were trying to break into the workforce at the time. Many faced long stretches of unemployment. Of those who did find jobs, they made less, and will continue to make less for years.

PODCAST: Consumers fight back in shopping

Stores are counting receipts from the four-day shop-o-rama.
Posted In: Black Friday

"Tragedy as a generation" for U.S. youth

Young Americans, between the ages of 16 and 24, have been hit awfully hard by the financial crisis.
Posted In: youth unemployment, financial crisis

Keeping an eye on student loans from non-banks

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to expand its supervision of student loans to those servicers that operate outside of the banking system.
Posted In: student loans, CFPB

Quiz: Is this story an ad?

If you've ever found it hard to discern what’s a news story and what’s an ad on a certain website, you’re not alone.
Posted In: native ads

Are community banks 'too small to succeed'?

There are fewer banks today than at any other time in U.S. history.
Posted In: small banks

Detroit bankruptcy given the go-ahead

The judge ruled that Detroit will have the protection of bankruptcy court as it seeks to get out from under its debts.
Posted In: Detroit bankruptcy

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