Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will Windows 7 be a hit?

Kara Swisher, editor of the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital, talks with Stacey Vanek-Smith about what she thinks of Windows 7, and how its release might impact PC sales.
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Sports programs hope for funding score

Youth sports programs have seen billions cut from their budgets, so advocates are in Washington to seek funding help. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Google may dip into selling music

There are reports that Google will soon launch a music search service with links to videos, song previews -- and a way to buy songs. Jennifer Collins reports.
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You want a regular flu shot? Get in line.

The swine flu seems to grab most headlines, but the regular flu is still around. And there's a shortage of the seasonal flu vaccine. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
Posted In: Health

Will earnings be good for AmEx?

American Express will report earnings. Will it see the same success that banks have had? Alisa Roth reports.

China's economy shows signs of growth

China says its economy has grown by almost 9% last quarter, even though its exports have taken a licking. Scott Tong reports.

Let the home buyers' tax credit expire

The Obama administration is debating whether to extend a tax credit for first-time home buyers. Economics correspondent Chris Farrell tells Bill Radke why he thinks they shouldn't.
Posted In: Housing

Pay czar to slash pay at bailed-out firms

The Obama administration's pay czar is recommending slashing compensation for companies that received the most government support. Reporter Jeremy Hobson talks about the cuts with Bill Radke.

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