Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday July 17, 2014

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Facebook monitors what you're watching
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Starting this Fall, Facebook will begin tracking how its subscribers watch television content on mobile devices. But is comes at a time when some privacy activists are worried about Facebook’s activities. Also, a Trulia analysis out today shows that when you adjust for demographic changes, young Americans are buying houses at the same rate as they did during the 1990s. So if it’s not Millennials who are keeping the market pretty stagnant, where is the shortfall coming from? Evidence shows that is the middle-aged who are letting the market down.

Acid rain: what it takes to stop pollution

"You could sing in the rain, walk in the rain, and then the rain was acid..."
Posted In: acid rain, air pollution, environmentalists

Microsoft: biggest job cuts ever

Microsoft announced it’s cutting up to 18,000 jobs over the next year.
Posted In: Microsoft, layoffs

The bad code that hacked its way into the Nasdaq

In 2011, the FBI discovered dangerous software that was likely Russian in origin.
Posted In: NASDAQ, bloomberg, malware

PODCAST: Microsoft's big firing

Microsoft's massive layoffs, and Russian malware in the Nasdaq.

Facebook wants to know what you're watching

Facebook will partner with Nielsen to track how its subscribers watch television.
Posted In: Facebook, web tracking, television

Don't blame millennials. Blame the middle-aged!

Young Americans are buying houses at the same rate as they did in the 1990's.
Posted In: Housing, millennials, Economy, Analysis

Acid rain aftermath: damaged ecology, damaged politics

Why reducing acid in rain is just the first step in recovery.
Posted In: acid rain, pollution, Environment

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