Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Yet another blow for JC Penney. The company says it will close 33 stores and slash 2000 jobs. Nigeria -- the second largest economy in Africa -- plans to start up a mortgage finance company similar to Fannie Mae here in the United States. And could too much financial news impact your mental health?

Why is Congress focusing on poverty?

Congress's Joint Economic Committee holds a hearing on income inequality. Just the latest congressional foray into the problem.
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PODCAST: The NBA has made it clear -- they want to expand to Europe

Could personal coaches help low-income students graduate? The NBA is looking across the pond. And the current state of state finances.

Planning a Kickstarter campaign? Avoid these words

A new study shows that certain words and phrases do a bad job at getting you the money you need.
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The current state of state finances

Most states are doing good when it comes to their balance sheet, even capturing that elusive word -- surplus!
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What do our cars know about us?

Ford's CEO got in some hot water after his comments about Ford cars collecting data on drivers worried some consumers. What are the emerging privacy issues we should be thinking about when it comes to new car technology.
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Is too much financial news affecting your health?

New research finds a strong link between daily stock returns and hospital admissions.
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Hyde Park Students

Could personal coaches help low-income students graduate?

More than 100 college presidents will meet with President Obama to discuss ways to help low-income minority students graduate.
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Nets, Hawks game underscores NBA's European hopes

NBA officials have made it clear; they want to expand the brand in Europe.
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