Marketplace Morning Report for Monday August 4, 2014

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Leaders from across Africa are in Washington for the next few days to talk about trade, economic development, and combating poverty.  Trade between the US and Africa is down, as demand for one of the region's prime export commodities, crude oil, is lower in the US.  The summit also comes at a time that China has been working to be sub-Saharan Africa's best friend. Plus, how are things the Monday after the worst week for the stock market in about two years? Also, flight delays and cancellations cost airlines billions of dollars a year and since our time is also worth something, it costs passengers enormous amounts as well. But what if better weather data -- info gathered by planes themselves -- could mitigate delays? 

The education benefits in the VA Reform Bill

The bill will lift residency requirements for vets who attend public colleges.
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PODCAST: "Mini" muni in Colorado

Market Baskets protests, benefits of the new VA bill, and "mini" muni bonds.

Airplanes become the new weather balloons

Planes create a moving picture of weather data as they take off and land.
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"Mini" muni bonds — double your money, help your city

Denver hopes to attract a whole different class of bond buyers.
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Grocery chain workers fight for millionaire CEO

Market Basket employees and customers stage an "unprecedented" protest.
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