Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, April 4, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, April 4, 2011

Massive data breach hits big retailers, service companies

Texas-based Epsilon, one of the world's largest providers of marketing e-mail services, may have exposed the personal information of thousands of consumers to unauthorized parties.
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U.S. could face a government shutdown

Unless both parties in Congress can reach a budget deal, the federal government could shut down on Friday. Julia Coronado, chief economist at BNP Paribas, explains what that could mean for the economy.

Government transparency websites targeted in budget cuts

Many websites that offer platforms for transparency in government could facing the chopping block as politicians debate budget cuts.

Report: GE will pay taxes after all

According to a report out today from Propublica and, the nation's largest corporation will pay taxes in 2010, despite earlier reports to the contrary. Fortune's Allan Sloan explains.
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Business confidence worsens in Japan

The Bank of Japan has split a business confidence survey into pre- and post-earthquake numbers. The first number showed widespread optimism, but the earthquake has left the business community in a negative state of mind.

BP could resume Gulf drilling in July

The British oil giant is pursuing permits to resume drilling on 10 wells in the Gulf of Mexico this summer.
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Southwest inspects fleet after Friday's incident

Southwest pilots had to perform an emergency landing Friday due to a tear in the body of a plane. Now Southwest Airlines is conducting a review of its fleet of 737-300 jets.
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Obama announces re-election campaign

In his announcement video and email, President Barack Obama kicks off a fundraising effort some have predicted will be the first billion-dollar campaign.

Andrew Sullivan moves to The Daily Beast

Today blogger Andrew Sullivan moves from The Atlantic to The Daily Beast. It's official. He's become a commodity.
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Some lawmakers push budget amendments to clip EPA power

They argue EPA regulation of carbon emissions will lead to job losses. And the White House is no longer taking a strong stand on limiting carbon emissions.

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