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What happens if the government shuts down

Apr 8, 2011
The possibility of a government shutdown is still pending. So what does this really mean for Washington, its agencies and its employees?

Will the potential 2011 shutdown resemble the one in 1995?

Apr 8, 2011
Jill Schlesinger of CBS/Moneywatch examines the possible government shutdown and compares it to the shutdown the government saw in 1995 and 1996.

Trying to find compromise before a government shutdown

Apr 7, 2011
Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz discusses the GOP's side of the budget discussions.

Furloughs loom for 'non-essential' workers

Apr 7, 2011
As the government faces a potential shutdown, some federal employees could face days or even weeks without pay.

Web, web, wherefore art thou in a government shutdown?

Apr 7, 2011
In the 1995 shutdown, the web wasn't ubiquitous. Now government agencies have websites, blogs, Twitter accounts, and lots of their workers have Blackberries.

A federal shutdown has economic consequences

Apr 7, 2011
If the government closes for just a few days, the economic effect amounts to a bad blizzard. If it lasts longer, it could affect the fragile economic recovery.

Shutdown boils down to essential vs.non-essential programs

Apr 6, 2011
As the government faces a potential shutdown over failing budget negotiations, federal employees are being divided into two camps: essential and non-essential.

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What a government shutdown means for the economic recovery

Apr 6, 2011
The ongoing budget standoff on Capitol Hill means a shutdown of the federal government could be on the way. Economist Diane Lim Rogers explains what a government shutdown would mean for the economic recovery.

Possible government shutdown threatens Tax Day, foreign aid

Apr 6, 2011
As the clock winds down on negotiations to avoid a government shutdown, agencies like the IRS and programs that provide foreign aid wait to see how a shutdown would affect operations.

Tax Day looms in face of possible government shutdown

Apr 6, 2011
In a shutdown, people filing paper tax returns may be out of luck when it comes to a quick refund. People who e-file may have a different experience.