Marketplace Morning Report for May 7, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for May 7, 2008

Deal forged for faster wireless network

Sprint Nextel and Clearwire are teaming up to create the next generation high-speed Internet network. The companies will combine their wireless broadband units. Amy Scott reports they'll get help from powerful friends.
Posted In: Science

Many studies mum on funding sources

A study out today finds that many scientific studies leave out details about who paid for the research. Janet Babin learns from the author of the study that such omissions prevent a realistic evaluation of the research.
Posted In: Health, Science

Farmers seeing long-awaited profits

In the midst of a worldwide food shortage crisis, the crops from small farms are earning record prices. Commentator and farmer Richard Oswald says it's a turnabout that's been a long time coming.
Posted In: Housing, Jobs

Pepsi and the bottled water activists

PepsiCo shareholders have their annual meeting today. Pepsi announced this week it would reduce plastic packaging. But some shareholders are also concerned about the plastic Pepsi uses for bottled water. Lisa Napoli reports
Posted In: Investing

Major companies looking at N. Ireland

Hoping to take advantage of its peace process, Northern Ireland is hosting an investment conference today attended by directors from big companies like IBM, Microsoft and Apple. Stephen Beard reports on lingering investor concerns.

Yes, it's definitely a food 'crisis'

To start our special series called Food Fight, Host Scott Jagow talks to the head of research at Oxfam, an international group working on solutions to poverty, asking him why so many countries are fighting over food.
Posted In: Economy

The first Wal-Mart en Espanol

In Garland, Texas, today, Wal-Mart opened its first superstore targeted to Hispanic customers. Wal-Mart wanted to meet the need of the surrounding community. It's stocked with tortillas, Spanish movies and games. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
Posted In: Retail

Survey: Businesses getting greener

Businesses are taking notice of their customers' interest in fighting global warming.'s annual scorecard shows 84% of 56 major companies are more environmentally friendly than last year. John Dimsdale reports from Washington.

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