Marketplace Morning Report for Friday August 22, 2014

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Janet Yellen
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All eyes are on Jackson Hole, Whyoming, where Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will speak Friday morning. We get an international perspective. Plus, a new report from Zillow finds that renting isn't much better than buying when it comes to affordability. We look at why rents are so high and why some markets are more – or less – expensive. Then, it's rare to see an ad for a political candidate or a committee in major newspapers. Campaigns tend to spend most of their money on TV time and web advertisements.  But print ads are still an effective way to reach African-American voters, and as a result, they continue to be important sources of revenue for African-American newspapers. Finally, New York City's public advocate Thursday pushed for police to wear video cameras in high-crime areas. This in the wake of Ferguson, Missouri and the death in of a man in New York after police used an apparent choke hold. Cops and cameras is a complicated matter, including safeguarding the video data and the cost of managing it.

PODCAST: Wyoming, the financial center of the universe

Plus, neutral Switzerland stays out of Russian sanctions.

Why Europe loves Yellen's moves

The Fed is likely to stay the course, and other central banks are fine with that.
Posted In: Janet Yellen, Fed chair

Painkillers will be tougher to get this fall

Tighter regulation can help combat drug use, but it could be too crude an approach
Posted In: painkillers, drugs, pharmaceuticals
NYC apartments

Shocker: Rent is very, very high

A new study from Zillow pegs median rent at $1,318 per month nationwide.
Posted In: Housing, rental, apartments

Quiz: Putting college-bound students to the test

ACT scores show many students still are not prepared for college.
Posted In: standardized tests, college, applying to college, test scores, Curveball

Political ads keep community papers afloat

National and local politicians still use print ads to reach specific voting blocs.
Posted In: newspapers, Political ads, community

Meet the videogame millionaire

Charles Forman was down to $1,700. Then, overnight, he became very, very rich.
Posted In: app store, phone games

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