Marketplace Money for July 5-6, 2008

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Marketplace Money for July 5-6, 2008

Financial basic training for our troops

Most people are aware of the challenges troops face in combat, but what about their struggles with managing their finances? That often puts them in a whole different battle. Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Savings

Reviewing online review sites

Online reviews can be all over the map. How can you vet hundreds of opinions to get the best information? Lenora Chu goes browsing for answers.
Posted In: Internet, Retail

Straight Story: Financial independence

Chris Farrell delivers his commencement address to new graduates as he sets the story straight on setting out on your own and declaring financial independence.

This is your brain on shopping

How much of our desire to spend, spend, spend is willpower and how much is hardwired? Tess submits herself to scientists at Stanford to try to discover the answer.

Cracking open your nest egg

With loans harder to come by, more Americans have resorted to raiding their 401(k)s, but as Josephine Bennett reports, borrowing early can have big consequences.
Posted In: Retirement

Day in the Work Life: Pro wrestler

On this week's a Day in the Work Life, we follow pro wrestler Kurt Angle from the Olympics to primetime.

The dream of Dubai

Dubai aims to be the biggest and the best in every way, but as Sean Cole reports, there's debate as to whether the reality of Dubai lives up to the dream.

Getting Personal

In this edition of Getting Personal, Chris and Tess talk about negotiating with collection agencies, comparing mutual fund fees, lazy investing and an offer too good to be true.

Don't fear the denominator

Just like teacher said, we use a lot of math in our everyday lives, especially when it comes to finance. Tess asks Jean Chatzky how people can cope with math anxiety.
Posted In: Education

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