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The spotlight once again falls on the "too big to fail" debate. JPMorgan Chase has now lost $3 billion and counting. Has the financial industry learned nothing since 2008? We talk to one lucky guy who won $51,000 in a gameshow. He'd better not forget Uncle Sam's piece of the jackpot. And whatever you do, if you Yahoo, don't do what the company's CEO did. We learn why you don't want to pad your resume. Plus, meet the latest breed of commuter: the supercommuter.

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Investors growing more risk averse

Host Tess Vigeland talks with CBS/MoneyWatch's Jill Schlesinger and Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch about why investors have been slow to return to the markets after a succession of financial calamities.
Posted In: Investing, socially reponsible investing, farming, cd ladder, Education

At Lulu's: No Wi-Fi for you!

Lulu DeCarrone was tired of laptoppers turning her New Haven coffee shop into a silent crypt, so she cut them off. And business has never been better.
Posted In: coffee, wifi, Small Business, technology

Taxing your winnings

Winning big could saddle you with some serious debt. Tax expert Louis Barajas explains.
Posted In: Taxes, winning, prizes, IRS

Chasing the mythical 8% return

An old investing maxim is taken to task.
Posted In: Investing, Chris Farrell, Commentaries

Gameshow dreamers: Come on down!

Tess Vigeland takes us behind the scenes at CBS's "The Price Is Right" to see how contestants are chosen.
Posted In: game shows, prize, hollywood

An app too far?

Apple's new Apple Store self-checkout app has columnist Lore Sjoberg worried.
Posted In: apple, apps, spending, technology, smart phones

Stockton on the brink

The city of Stockton, Calif. has been hit hard by the financial crisis. With the city on the verge of bankruptcy, residents share what it's like when your town is teetering on the brink.
Posted In: stockton, california, bankruptcy, financial crisis, foreclosure

'Supercommuters' board airplanes to get to work

Think your commute is long? Turns out a rapidly growing number of commuters are flying to get to work.
Posted In: commute, planes, employment, Jobs

From little white to blatant: Lies are lies

We all tell little lies -- politeness practically dictates that we do. But there are some serious consequences when even small lies enter your resume.
Posted In: employment, resumes, lying, Jobs

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