Marketplace Money for December 20-21, 2008

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Marketplace Money for December 20-21, 2008

Helpful tax moves to prepare for 2009

Many of us are looking for helpful tax hints to make up for a dismal year. Tess Vigeland talks to Wall Street Journal tax columnist Tom Herman, who gives us some tips on moves we may want to make to prepare for the next tax day.
Posted In: Taxes

Keeping a retirement income fund

These days, you have to keep the money coming even through retirement. That's the thinking behind starting a retirement income fund. Tess Vigeland talks to Kiplinger's Bob Frick about how the fund works.
Posted In: Retirement

Straight Story: Nearing zero

The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates to a legendary new low. Is this good? Economics editor Chris Farrell tells Tess Vigeland the good that can come out of having a Federal interest rate at near-zero.

A guide to new credit card reforms

This week, federal regulators rolled out the biggest overhaul the credit card industry has seen in decades. What does this mean for the average consumer? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports what will be changing -- and when.

Day in the Work Life: UPS driver

Santa's job gets a lot easier when he enlists the help of a few tireless folks in brown polyester uniforms. UPS driver Fred Gourley says he has between 100 and 110 stops on an average work day.

Valuable gifts that don't cost a thing

At the height of your economic frustration, you may have entertained the thought of avoiding debt altogether by not buying any holiday gifts. Some families are making that a reality in very positive ways. Jenee Darden reports.
Posted In: Retail

Getting Personal

Economics editor Chris Farrell and Tess Vigeland tackle listener questions.

A changing job market for new MBAs

With careers in investment banking becoming scarce, where should a fresh MBA graduate turn? Sally Herships looked into how the next graduating class is handling an increasingly squeezed job market.
Posted In: Education, Jobs

How to steer clear of Ponzi schemes

With so many smart people duped by a seemingly sound investment operation, how can we detect a Ponzi scheme in the future? Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman talks to Tess Vigeland about how to identify a sketchy deal.
Posted In: Crime, Investing

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