Tony Wagner is a digital producer at Marketplace. He keeps the site up to date, designs graphics, shoots photos and video, and maintains the shows' social media accounts. He also occasionally blogs and voices a weekly "By the Numbers" segment on Marketplace Weekend.

Tony is a newly minted Angeleno, joining Marketplace full-time in April 2014. Before that he worked at other APM programs, including the late variety show Wits.

When he's not at Marketplace, Tony hosts a podcast called Anytime Minutes and hunts for good taco trucks.


Features by Tony Wagner

The extraordinary security around GMO salmon

Everything's accounted for when you're breeding the first-ever U.S.-approved GMO fish.
Posted In: salmon, GMO, FDA

Don't call it a GMO

The FDA says the label is confusing, lets look at at non-GMO meal and find out.
Posted In: Food, Big Food, GMO, Non-GMO, FDA

Rural schools pay more than double for slow internet

A new report says some schools pay thousands to give students a barely usable connection.
Posted In: digital divide, classrooms, School, education technology
Newly proposed regulations state drones must remain in the controllers visual line of sight during operations.

You won't need help registering your drone, the FAA says

As we get closer to clear rules, the agency warns of paying up too soon.
Posted In: drones, scams, FAA

Changing an offensive mascot can be tricky – and expensive

Adidas has offered to cover some schools' costs, but they can't diffuse the controversy.
Posted In: Sports, high school, native americans

T-Mobile offers free video streaming — with a big catch

The "Binge On" promotion works with 24 partners, which brings up net neutrality concerns.
Posted In: T-Mobile, net neutrality, streaming tv

What happens when you ask a company its biggest weakness?

We dug back into some major recent tech IPOs to see how the risks panned out.

Sanders has no super PAC — but he might have something better

Republicans used to enjoy big support from small donors, but Democrats have the edge online.
Posted In: Bernie Sanders, 2016 election, super PACs, fundraising

Candy prices are up — and Halloween spending is, too

Plus, candy buying as an economic indicator.
Posted In: Halloween, candy
Hurricane Patricia is seen churning in the Pacific on Friday.

The most powerful hurricanes aren't always that costly

Patricia is bearing down on Mexico, but its economic impact will likely be minimal.
Posted In: hurricane, weather, storms


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