An event hosted by the San Francisco chapter of the Interactive Design Association at Pandora headquarters. Pandora has noticeably higher representation of women than other tech companies.   - 

Pandora, the music streaming company, has entered the continuing debate over demographic diversity in the tech industry with a release of its own numbers. While the company has a similar racial profile to its tech peers, it has a remarkably high representation of women.

The statistics, just under 51% for men and 49% for women, are a marked departure from the breakdowns of other companies. Even so, the technical and leadership roles are still overwhelmingly male.

It is not clear what Pandora is doing differently -- It, along with other companies, has been reluctant to talk in closer detail on the issue because diversity is considered such a sensitive subject.

Adrienne LaFrance, technology reporter at The Atlantic, adds that even if companies address issues with hiring, retention rates pose another major challenge; from support groups to the possibility of flexible working hours. 

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