Even if you don't follow us on Twitter, you might start seeing our tweets.  - 

Twitter wants to grow its user base by exposing its users to new content. Their strategy, if you haven't heard already: Inserting tweets into your feed from people you don’t follow. 

"For example, I may not follow CNN, but I may start seeing tweets from CNN in my feed because people that I do follow like CNN, and they’re engaging with those tweets," says Kurt Wagner, who covers social media at Re/code"It enables them to target you more efficiently with ads," says Wagner.

Judging from a somewhat scathing initial response, Twitter could risk losing some users. Many people enjoy using Twitter because they’re able to filter the content that they’re most interested in seeing, says Wagner.

"I think that’s going to rub some people the wrong way," adds Wagner. "They’ll feel like they’re losing control over what they see."

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