Wallet drup
A new study looks at credit card burden in major metropolitan areas of the U.S. - 

Alan Mosley: Hi, I'm Alan Mosley. I live in Jersey City, N.J. The thing that I pulled out of my wallet is an emergency contact card. It's a laminated card, it's got a list of names and phone numbers, starting with our senior director of global safety and security. I'm a program officer with the International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian relief and development agency. So we provide relief assistance to people affected by disasters and emergencies. I cover Thailand, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq.

I've never had to use my card, luckily no. I've been on the other end of a situation that was dicey, where I was the person getting some of those phone calls. That was a very complicated situation. I guess they always are. I haven't really talked about it with my family. I suppose they'd be happy to know I have such a card. They understand where I'm going and the things that the IRC does, but at the same time, they're probably happier if I'm traveling to Boston, Mass. than to some other places.