20101001 stamps 18
44 cent stamps are displayed on a counterin San Francisco, Calif. - 

This week marks the end of the TARP

And the pain of the bailout's still sharp.

It cost less than we thought

But for all that we bought

Its opponents continue to carp.

We were facing a massive default

That could make the economy halt.

And although the real push

Came from President Bush

Voters think it's the current guy's fault.

Europeans are mad

Cause the budgets they had

Were wishful thinking

And now they need shrinking.

And who else is nervous?

The Postal Service

Just failed to revamp

The price of a stamp

And why are they broke? Well, it's easy to see.

There's the pension they pay to a retiree

Plus you don't need a letter to contact me,

It's easy, reliable, instant and free

To put index finger to Enter key

Once you type in Marketplace.org.