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The Navy Exchange in San Diego is a discount department store just for military members and their families. - 


TESS VIGELAND: Counselors in San Diego also tell sailors to be sure they shop on base. Discounts are available on everything from gas to haircuts. The Navy Exchange is a discount store.

Roland Santos is the manager.

ROLAND SANTOS: So, here's the manufacturer's suggested retail price for this shirt: $138. Our price: $109.99. Average savings at the NEX are 20 percent versus private-sector retail stores, and no tax included.

We carry Victoria Secret and Estee Lauder and Tommy Bahama right here. There'll be certain items that the young sailors really key on when a ship comes in -- beef jerky, sleeping bags -- because they take those on the ships and put them on their bunks. You know, there are just certain things that you know what the demographics are.

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