Hot Jobs: Mac's is big on Cape Cod

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    Mac's is a "clam shack" but it's also a fish market. A lot of its fare is caught in the bay behind the store.

    - Sean Cole / Marketplace

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    The sign atop Mac's Seafood Market welcoming summer revelers to the pier in Wellfleet, Mass., on Cape Cod.

    - Sean Cole / Marketplace

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    Lobster flag at Mac's.

    - Sean Cole / Marketplace

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    Anna Hay, a Mac's employee.

    - Sean Cole / Marketplace

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    Lobsters await their fate at Mac's.

    - Sean Cole / Marketplace

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    Wellfleet's signature oysters, served on the half-shell at Mac's Seafood.

    - Sean Cole / Marketplace

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    Anna Hay serving up lunch at Mac's Seafood.

    - Sean Cole / Marketplace

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    Picnic tables at Mac's. There's no indoor seating.

    - Sean Cole / Marketplace
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Belated and great appreciation for your audio visit to Mac's. Anna's reference to"the best"Wellfleet oysters warmed my heart and brought back memories of going out with my Grandfather,Jim, before dawn to dig them up on his beds on the bay in back of Mac's.He went to work as an Oysterman at 14 to support the entire family after his father died,lived nearby on Commercial St.and passed away at 87 in 1971.I'm sure he's smiling from his grave nearby, to know that decendents his oysters are still being enjoyed down at the "hahba". Thank you and Best Wishes teaching Anna!

Far out. Nice interview Anna. Hope everyone at Mac's is enjoying the summer.

My dear Anna, You're a STAR!!! I love you. Mom

Hi Michael,

The song is "Summer Time Blues" by El Da Sensei. It's from the record "Relax Relate Release - Da Instrumentals."


-- Sean.

Fun summer work! good luck teaching, nice perk to have the summer off. Clara

Hi, could someone please tell me the song played under the story? It isn't one of the three in "The Songs" section, and I would very much like to know what it is.

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